The American Historical Theatre is proud to offer inspirational plays, original works created and produced by AHT. Our repertoire includes:

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The Belle & the Backwoodsman

The Belle & the Backwoodsman: The Story of Abraham & Mary Todd Lincoln: President Abraham Lincoln and his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, invite you to share some humorous and touching stories about their early lives, their marriage and children, the years of political struggle, the Presidential years, and the War Between the States. Born into two very different Kentucky families and with two very different backgrounds, Abraham worked hard to rise above a childhood of poverty and lack of education in Hodgenville, while Mary Todd came into a world of wealth and privilege in Lexington. When they met, however, Mary recognized Abraham as the man who would bring to fruition her childhood dream of living in the White House. And Abraham saw in Mary a woman whose drive and energy might take him there as well. Abraham and Mary’s stories will touch, enchant and inform you as they reminisce about their lives. Please join them!

My Dear Mrs. Lincoln

My Dear Mrs. Lincoln

My Dear Mrs. Lincoln is a glowing exploration into the life of American’s most provocative First Lady, Mary Todd Lincoln, and her relationship with President Abraham Lincoln during the 1860s. This play moves beyond Mary’s traditional role as First Lady and confronts the audience with an intimate view of the First Couple’s trials and tribulations as they look back over the events of their tenure in the White House. Spend an evening with the Lincolns and feel the deep suffering in the hearts of both husband and wife, as they deal with Mary’s depression over the death of their two children, and observe the erratic way she copes.  Appreciate Abe’s classic humor as he attempts to stem the tide of war and mitigate the constant strain on his family and his marriage.

The Constitution Experience: Witness a dynamic ideological battle between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson, debating states’ rights versus national sovereignty, discussing the assumption of the war debt, and arguing about how to establish a firm foundation for our new nation. Focused on the 1790s, this  exciting interactive program embraces the period in American History from 1776 to 1804 and concludes with a Press Conference. The Constitutional Experience has been a popular program at Freedoms Foundation of  Valley Forge for students in middle school, high school and college, as well as offering compelling issues for discourse by groups of teachers, lawyers and seniors. World Strides features The Constitutional Experience in professional improvement seminars for teachers throughout the United States.

JA_Sworn_oathThe Handoff: A play with three scenarios imparting what happened on the day of John Adams’ inauguration, March 4, 1798, conveying the importance of power passing peacefully from one administration to another. Each scenario provides an insider’s perspective of the men participating in this handoff, as well as demonstrating the importance that Philadelphia played  in this historic event. Principal players include John Adams, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Chief Justice Oliver Ellsworth, and Ol’ Mattie as the Narrator/Observer. The play debuted at Congress Hall, the location of the original handoff, and was  commissioned as Philadelphia’s contribution to  Obama’s inaugural celebration.

Constitution Behind Closed Doors: It’s early summer in 1787 and the Constitutional Convention has just begun in Philadelphia. Appointed as delegates to the Convention from Virginia, George Washington and James Madison are in attendance. Washington has been elected President of the Convention. Jefferson is an important force in the Convention, even though he has been seconded to France to replace Dr. Franklin, who has returned to Philadelphia. The Constitution: Behind Closed Doors brings to light little-known stories about these 3 important men, using materials culled from their letters to each other, newspaper articles from the time and other rich sources of information. As our play reveals the hearts and minds of these key figures in our nation’s history, we discover their very human qualities, their very real dilemmas and their strong shared desire to forge a new type of country governed in an entirely new way.

women of washington

The Women of President Washington's Household

The Women of President Washington’s Household brilliantly weaves the personal and political details of Martha Washington’s life through the voices of four women.  Matti, an 80-year-old, free black women who has lived in Germantown her whole life, reminisces back to 1776 and tells her memories of General Washington fighting the British. From Martha, herself, we hear about her family’s move from Mount Vernon, and what she worries about on any given day in Germantown. We meet Martha’s granddaughter Nellie, from her first marriage, and learn why she and her brother live with the Washingtons. And from Oney, Martha’s personal slave, we learn about the Washington’s move from Mount Vernon to Germantown, her childhood friendship with Nellie, and what Oney must do to gain her freedom despite the feelings of anyone in the Washington household.

A Most Agreeable Consort

A Most Agreeable Consort

A Most Agreeable Consort: Love Letters of George and Martha Washington: Set at Mount Vernon, this historic play follows the lives of George and Martha Washington through the love letters they wrote to each other while George was away at war or tending to the presidency. Martha recalls when she first met George and later married him, and how she wrote calming letters to appease him during the painful times when they were apart. George reveals his own bittersweet memories of being away from his “Patsy” over the years, illustrating his strong devotion for his wife as well as his country. Near the end of his term, Washington promises Martha he will leave public life to reside under his own “fig and vine.” as a loving husband in Mount Vernon. But with the new country still on shaky legs, and many believing the new republic will collapse without his guidance at the helm, Washington faces another dilemma: must he act out of inclination or out of duty?

The HandoffOn Fire For Liberty celebrates those who keep the flame of Liberty burning. Written by William A. Sommerfield and performed by AHT’s Dean Malissa as George Washington and Ben Goldman as the Marquis. The White House invited the American Historical Theatre (AHT) to create and perform On Fire For Liberty on November 6th, 2007 to commemorate the friendship between General George Washington, Father of American Liberty, and Marquis de Lafayette, France’s Brave Son, for President George W. Bush, French Republic President Nicholas Sarkozy and members of Congress.

Oney and the Missus:

Rising and Setting Sun: As George Washington contemplates whether or not he will run a second term, Benjamin Franklin mysteriously drops in to see him and the two talk.

First Ladies First