William Livingston (Gleason)

Governor Livingston, I Presume

Performed by Bob Gleason

Born in New York (1723) Livingston, a graduate of Yale, went into law, but after years in New York politics, he and his family moved to Elizabethtown where they built an estate (Liberty Hall). Returned to politics by the Revolutionary War, he was a member of the first and second Continental Congresses. In 1776, he left Congress to command the New Jersey militia, and later that year he was elected the first governor of our state. Livingston spurred New Jersey’s rapid ratification of the Constitution, conducted agricultural experiments, and was also active in the anti-slavery movement.

Since 1980, Bob Gleason has presented programs featuring nearly 150 historical figures, stretching over 2000 years of history. These programs have taken him from Washington D.C. to San Diego, California, and from El Paso, Texas to Milwaukee, Wisconsin (21 states, so far). He has performed at the White House Visitors Center, The Smithsonian Institution, Constitution Hall, George Washington’s Mount Vernon, Ford’s Theatre, Independence Hall, The National Constitution Center, The Union League of Philadelphia, Valley Forge National Park, Federal Hall in NYC, numerous historic sites, and a long list of schools, libraries and other venues public and private. He lives near Lansdale, PA with his wife of 35 years, and a large stock of costumes, props, and books.