William McIlhenny as Union SoldierPortrayed by William McIlhenny

When the Revolutionary War began, there were no trained soldiers and there was no military class in the colonies. Rank-and-file soldiers came from humble backgrounds that included farmers, tradesmen and business owners, prepared to take up arms to protect their land, their livelihood, their liberty. These soldiers trained themselves for most of the war, showing courage and commitment to the Cause. Later, there was more training, but the perils of war were just as punishing.

Choose from:

• Aide-de-camp to General Howe, British Army, Revolutionary War
• Participate in a muster or raise the colors led by Sargeant Mad Dog Inglesby, Colonial Army, Revolutionary War
• Cavalryman, as wedding coachman, Colonial Army, Revolutionary War
• Able-bodied seaman, Colonial “Navy,” Revolutionary War
• Soldier, Union Army, Civil War
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Invite William McIlhenny, Military Man, to events for children, on military commemorations:

• Pair with complementary British or American Revolutionary War or Confederate Civil War soldier, Ben Franklin, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln
• William McIlhenny: Bio of Actor/Historian,

Bill McIlhenny as Billy Howe: