Martha Washington (Jordan)

Jordan_MarthaWashington_CHARPortrayed by Pat Jordan

Although Martha Washington was never considered a beauty, the diminutive “Lady Washington” was known for her deep compassion and for her ability to listen and converse with interest and intelligence with people from all walks of life and in all social circumstances. Martha could dance a lively jig and enjoyed a rollicking reel. She ran Mount Vernon while “The General” was busy fighting the Revolution. And nothing delighted her more than the sound of children’s laughter, although her four children all died by age 27. This “most agreeable consort” partnered our First President, traveling great distances to be by his side to inspire her husband and the troops. And she bore great hardships apart from her husband, including long absences during the years of his Presidency. Martha compared her life with George to “two coals glowing in the fire.”

Like Martha Washington, Pat Jordan grew up on a family farm. And she could run the farm, too, with her training in business. Pat also shares the First Lady’s humor and wit. Both women share a flair for fashion and each creates beauty with flowers, jewelry and a sincere appreciation for the gifts each person uniquely brings. And like Martha, Pat loves her husband madly.

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• Pair with George Washington, Abigail Adams, Dolley Madison, Eleanor Roosevelt, Oney Judge, Hercules (George Washington’s chef)
• Pat Jordan: Bio of Actor/Historian, Reenactor, or Impersonator

“Pat’s portrayal of Martha Washington was exceptional. She was as gracious as Mrs. Washington was known to be.” – B.M., Independence National Historical Park

“No grander day could have been had to commemorate Monmouth County’s historic event. The event was so very insightful due to the eloquent parlance you all shared with our patronage.” – J.T., Monmouth County Library Headquarters

Martha Washington, Abigail Adams, and Dolley Madison at the National Portrait Gallery: Photos by Jeff Malet