Marquis de Lafayette (Barnieu)

Loic Barnieu as the Marquis de LafayettePortrayed by Loic Barnieu

The heir to one of the largest fortunes in France, Lafayette had to come to the United States from Spain because he was acting against the King’s will and could have been arrested. Unlike many of his fellow countrymen who came to the United States to party, Lafayette took the cause of freedom to heart. The idealistic young man offered to join the Continental Cause, but received no immediate answer because Congress was tired of French glory-seekers. But when Lafayette explained that he would serve with no pay, he was commissioned as a major-general, although he was assigned no unit. Benjamin Franklin intervened to recommend Lafayette to George Washington as an aide-de-camp. Lafayette offered to pay and outfit his own troops and spies, fund his own equipment and even purchase his own ship, La Victoire. He displayed extraordinarily good manners when meeting Washington and the two men soon enjoyed a warm father-son relationship. In fact, over the years, Washington asked Lafayette to speak with Congress on many occasions. After Lafayette left the United States and returned to France, he continued to work on behalf of freedom and civil rights. Jailed during the French Revolution, his wife and daughters joined him in prison.

Loic Barnieu’s eyes light up talking about the Marquis de Lafayette and the honor of interpreting this Frenchman, so important to the Revolutionary Cause. Barnieu’s Lafayette is a skilled military man, a seasoned rider, and a native of France who speaks the language with ease and flair. Loic takes pleasure in providing little known facts about the Marquis, like his motto, “Why not?” and the preference he shared with George Washington for Madeira. He bears a definite resemblance to the Marquis, especially around the nose and eyes and both men had reddish hair. Even more important is Loic’s passion for this French aristocrat who risked his fortune and his life to fight in the War, to speak out against slavery and to advocate for religious rights for Protestants.

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