Lucy Say

Portrayed by Virginia K. Loomis

Lucy Way Say was a groundbreaker, the first woman elected to join the elite membership of The Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia, and an artist and scientist specializing in the little known fields of Conchology (the study of shells) and Malacology (the study of mollusks & shelled organisms). Born and raised a Quaker she trained as an artist studying at the Fretageot School, in hopes of obtaining employment as a teacher. She continued her studies as a pupil of the well known Naturalist and Painter John James Audubon and soon became a talented colorist.

On her way to join the utopian society of New Harmony, IN. she met and married Thomas Say, who was often referred to as The Father of Conchology. Lucy and Thomas worked together until Thomas’ death at age 47 from typhoid fever in 1834. Lucy illustrated the specimens in Thomas’s book American Conchology. Heart broken, Lucy lived out her life helping to educate others.

Interpreter Virginia Loomis delighted in the discoveries she made while studying the free thinking, independent Lucy Say. A talented watercolorist herself, Loomis brings to life Say’s chief passions: her husband and their work. Loomis believes that the world would be a better place if little known, yet extremely important and powerful stories like Lucy Way Say’s are brought to life.

Invite Lucy Say to your event:

• Keynote Speaker: Women’s Issues, Patriotism, Education, and other topics on request
• Educational Programs: Schools, Libraries, Museums, Historical Sites: Remember the Ladies, 40 minutes plus Q & A
Virgina K. Loomis: Bio of Actor/Historian, Interpreter, Reenactor, Impersonator