Lucretia Coffin Mott

Quaker Minister, Abolitionist, Suffragist, and Anti-War Activist. Massachusetts

Kim Hanley as Lucretia MottPortrayed by Kim Hanley

In an age when most women were not expected to think about issues of the day, Lucretia Mott not only contemplated them, but also spoke out on them. A follower of Elias Hicks, she served as a Public Friend who emphasized the divinity within every individual.

Mott supported the Anti-Slavery movement and advocated the use of Free Produce.  She was elected as an American Representative to the 1840 General (or World’s) Anti-Slavery Convention.  When women were excluded from participating, were required to sit in a segregated area, Mott began to realize that she must also muster her efforts towards women’s equality.  Mott joined Elizabeth Cady Stanton calling together the first women’s rights convention in Seneca Falls, NY.

The words and lessons of Lucretia Mott continue to open minds and hearts to a simple truth:  If we embrace the inner light within ourselves, we fan the flame in others, and in time mankind will come to the full understanding that all people are created divine and equal.

Kim Hanley, an actor, singer, costumer and dancer, trained and danced from an early age with the School of American Ballet and the Eglevsky Ballet in New York, as well as with the visiting Bolshoi Ballet, Stuttgart Ballet, Bill Hastings and Chet Walker. Ms. Hanley is also an accomplished costumer whose specialty is historical fashion. She includes among her bigger clients The Philly Phanatic. Kim’s academic training includes a BFA in Restoration and History of Applied Arts from the Fashion Institute of Technology, State University of New York.

Kim began interpreting Abigail with AHT in 1997.  Ms. Hanley has appeared in venues that include the White House Visitors Center, National Archives, National Portrait Gallery, Frazier Museum, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Franklin Institute, Liberty Museum, Constitution Center, Independence Visitors Center, Freedoms Foundation, Pennsylvania Historical Society, Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace, Delaware Humanities Chautauqua and libraries throughout New Jersey and the greater Philadelphia area.