John Wanamaker

Bob Gleason as John WanamakerPortrayed by Bob Gleason

“Meet me at the Eagle,” was a frequent suggestion for Philadelphians over the years. The statue was impressive and so was the store named for its founder, John Wanamaker.  Bob Gleason’s Wanamaker gives us the story of a businessman who provided variety and fun for his customers and who was rewarded for his efforts. Here was a man who was civic-minded and charitable. Wanamaker fostered a progressive relationship with his employees, making it possible for them to go to school, building a vacation amusement place for employees to use on the weekends, housing the biggest organ in the world (built for the St. Louis Centennial Exposition) and arranging for the organ to be played in his store. John Wanamaker was a man who made a lot of money and tried to do good things with it.

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