Henry Knox

Bob Heffner as Henry KnoxPortrayed by Bob Heffner

If the Revolutionary War were a movie, the leading man might be George Washington and a key supporting role would be Henry Knox. Knox is perhaps most famous for bringing cannons from Fort Ticonderoga, New York to outside Boston (Framingham, Massachusetts) and placing the 50 cannons that weighed more than 80 tons above Dorchester Heights. Knox had accomplished the near-impossible, transporting the cumbersome cannons over more than 300 miles of terrain that included mountains, lakes and streams. And he did it during a brutal winter. The impressive artillery display had the desired effect and when the British awoke and looked upward, they promptly evacuated the Boston area. As Secretary of War, Henry Knox negotiated with native tribes, according them nation status. Just as importantly, Henry Knox was the confidante of George Washington, placing Knox on a secondary level of Patriot Fathers. He was a key person behind the scenes, persuading Washington to attend the Constitutional Congress. He named George Washington the Father of our Country and Knox could be called the unofficial Father of the US Navy. This jolly, larger-than-life, self-taught bookstore manager believed in himself, his leader and his country.

Bob Heffner’s Henry Knox is a passionate man who overcomes seemingly insurmountable obstacles with humor, supporting those in authority, and commanding those in his charge with a deep, booming baritone voice. Heffner’s Knox is a likeable go-getter, full of enthusiasm for the task at hand, believing in life’s possibilities. Like Knox, Heffner has taught himself a second language (Afrikaner), and like Knox, Heffner is a believable sidekick, eager to throw his time, talent and weight around for a good cause.

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