Harriet Tubman (Simpson)

Cathy Simpson as Harriet TubmanPortrayed by Cathy Simpson

Harriet Tubman couldn’t read or write, suffered from epilepsy after being hit in the head with a two-pound weight intended to deter a runaway slave, was repeatedly threatened, beaten and starved, and emerged from these trials an ardent abolitionist, humanitarian and Union spy during the Civil War. Not content to find freedom herself, Ms. Tubman rescued others from their bondage through the Underground Railroad. After the Civil War, she was active in the struggle for women’s suffrage.

Cathy Simpson’s Harriet Tubman shows us a woman unstopped by almost insurmountable obstacles. Audience members learn how to “walk soft” in the woods as they journey to freedom and sing “Go down, Moses,” a doubly potent message since one of Ms. Tubman’s nicknames was “Moses.” Simpson captures the intensity of Tubman’s faith and the depth of her passion for freedom – for herself and for all who were oppressed. Cathy shares Harriet’s commitment and makes accessible the enormity of Harriet Tubman’s contribution.

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