George Washington (Lopes)

John Lopes as George WashingtonPortrayed by John Lopes

Without George Washington, America might have had a Napoleon to lead her troops and then her government. But the General, and future First President, remained faithful to the principles for which he and his country had fought. Leading by example, Washington resigned his commission as Commander in Chief of the Continental Army and then declined a possible third term as President. His well-earned retirement to his beloved Mount Vernon lasted less than 3 years, but he and Martha enjoyed living beneath “fig and vine” together until his death in 1799.

Raised on a dairy farm, John Lopes can appreciate the connection George Washington felt for his land. And trained to ride, dance and elegantly cross swords, Mr. Lopes skillfully conveys Washington’s talents as a soldier, a leader, and a Virginia gentleman. Standing well above 6’, John Lopes portrays George Washington as an impressive, thoughtful, man of action.

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“May it please your Excellency to know how very delighted we are to have had the honor of your presence and those in your entourage. The event was so very insightful due to the eloquent parlance you all shared with our patronage.” — J.T., Monmouth County Library

George Washington at National Constitution Center, June 30, 2011