General William Howe

Bob Gleason as General William HowePortrayed by Bob Gleason

General William Howe challenges us to understand the other side of the Revolutionary War.  A relative of Great Britain’s King George III, William Howe was sent to end the colonial rebellion quickly and at a minimal cost. England had already spent vast sums of money to develop their colonies’ raw materials and to protect her lands from the French and Indians. Howe was to protect this substantial British investment.

William Howe told King George he did not think this war could be won. Howe knew how vast the territory was and he knew how difficult it would be to get reinforcements. Howe would not only be fighting George Washington, he would be fighting all of America and its geography: the land was not flat, there were woods rather than roads, and there was not merely one capital to capture but there were thirteen. In Europe, the British could replace fallen soldiers and gain new supplies. In America, the British were 3000 miles from new men and new resources. To make matters worse, Americans could run away faster than the British could drag their equipment behind them.

William Howe was a practical man who didn’t want to take on a war he couldn’t win. And he was a compassionate leader who didn’t want to win battles with high British casualties. By Philadelphia, Howe realized he would have to capture every capital of every colony. A show of force wouldn’t be enough, so he requested 100,000 additional troops. Howe’s timing could not have been worse – France had joined the fray and Britain was now engaged in a world war. George III could not spare the troops.

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“His knowledge of the time period and his portrayal of General Howe was exceptional–not just in his words but mannerisms and witty interactions” BK, Paoli Battlefield Preservation Fund