Edgar Allan Poe

Bob Gleason as Edgar Allan PoePortrayed by Bob Gleason

January 2009 – January 2010 is the bicentennial of Edgar Allan Poe’s birth. Writing most of his greatest works while living in Philadelphia, Poe flourished here for more than 6 years. Exposing the inner machinations of the human mind and heart, Bob Gleason’s Edgar Allan Poe provides vivid images, terrifying tales, and heart-thumping excitement. But Gleason’s portrayal doesn’t stop there. He reveals the literary editor and critic determined to mine his mind and profit from his published works. We learn that Poe is considered the inventor of the detective story, providing the reason for the award being dubbed the Edgar. And we discover the all-too-human Poe, the passionate poet, the intense husband, the haunted soul.

Not just for Halloween any more! A literary talent for all seasons.

Invite Edgar Allan Poe to your event:

• Educational Programs: Program with Press Conference for Schools, Libraries, Museums, Historical Sites
• Parties: Mix & Mingle Entertaining Toasts, Relevant Quotes, Photo Ops for corporate, association and private social events
• Pair with Abraham Lincoln (same year of birth), Ben Franklin, other writers/editors
• Bob Gleason: Bio of Actor/Historian, Reenactor, or Impersonator

“Mr Gleason was just wonderful and our patrons really enjoyed his portrayal of Edgar Allan Poe!” – C.S. Township Library of Lower Southampton, Feasterville, PA