Benjamin Franklin (Robling)

Robling_BenjaminFranklin-lrWEBPortrayed by Bill Robling

Ben Franklin, 15th of 17 children, maximized every opportunity presented to him and then he broke new ground. Pooling resources, Franklin initiated the first subscription library in the nation; gathering the leading thinkers of the day, Franklin promoted the exploration of science and humanities through scholarly research, helping to found the Philosophical Society; recognizing the need for better treatment of the sick, Franklin helped found Pennsylvania Hospital. He organized the first fire company in Philadelphia, as well as the first insurance company. Going against popular belief that fire was God’s judgment against a corrupt society, Franklin invented the lightning rod to prevent fires. Politically, his keen mind resulted in his representing several colonies in England. Returning home, Franklin was a member of the Committee of Five, drafting the Declaration of Independence. As ambassador to France, the now single Franklin was the center of attention and the successful fundraiser for the Colonial Cause. A delegate to the Constitutional Convention, Franklin continued to exert his powerful influence, and as President of Pennsylvania Society for the Abolition of Slavery, Franklin spoke out against slavery. As Franklin said, “Well done is better than well said.”

Bill Robling’s Ben Franklin programs vary from interactive student programs to senior group programs. There are also corporate meet and greets, singing, eating and drinking with tavern historians, discussions with colleagues Washington, Adams or Jefferson. School programs are age appropriate, and not only filled with facts but with reasons and circumstances behind the facts.

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Keynote Speaker: Health & Happiness, Spirit of Invention
Parties: Mix & Mingle
Educational Programs: Program with Q & A for Schools, Libraries, Museums and Historical Sites
Pair with George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, General von Steuben, Betsy Ross, artistic & intelligent women
Bill Robling: Bio of Actor/Historian or Interpretor, Reenactor or Impersonator