Loic Barnieu

Loic BarnieuLoic Barnieu

Born in France, Loic Barnieu trained for theater and television in Paris. Coming to the United States with his American wife in the 1990’s, Mr. Barnieu acted with Hedgerow Theatre and was approached in 2002 by the American Historical Theatre’s William Sommerfield about interpreting the Marquis de Lafayette. The owner of two Media, Pennsylvania restaurants, Picasso and La Belle Epoch, Loic considers it a privilege to make Lafayette more widely known and understood in America.

Mr. Barnieu has performed as the Marquis de Lafayette in venues that include the home of the French Ambassador, Brandywine Battleground, the French Alliance, a wreath-laying ceremony at the Boston State House, Valley Forge National Park, VF Convention and Visitors Bureau, City Tavern, and Crossroads of the American Revolution. Loic, like Lafayette, rides horses and was in the army, for France and as a United Nations soldier in Yugoslavia.

Characters portrayed by Loic Barnieu:
Marquis de Lafayette (Barnieu)